Bottle stopper

The bottle cap not only has the practical function of sealing but also has the appearance design of improving the aesthetic feeling.
Huisheng packaging company after more than ten years of operation can produce a variety of stable quality and beautiful bottle caps. Includes: cork, screw aluminum cap, aluminum-plastic cap, glass cork, plastic cap, etc.

Cork Bottle Stopper

The stoppers can be combined according to your requirements. We can also print your logo or customize the color. Please let us know if there is any requirement.
Polymer bottle stopper

The top is aluminum oxide or aluminum skin, and the bottom is a polymer.
Wood top cork

The top is wood and the bottom is polymer
Synthetic microparticle bottle stopper

The top is made of wood and the bottom is made of synthetic wood particles.

The top is made of wood and the bottom is made of cork.

Glass Caps

It is made of crystal glass. The lower part can be closed with synthetic cork, plastic, rubber. Its shape can be customized.

Screw Aluminum Caps

We can customize its color, shape, printing and so on. You can also choose depending on whether you have a sealing machine.

Shrink Sleeve

It is not only used for anti-counterfeiting, but also for aesthetics. It can be customized according to your requirements.