Colored Bottles

Colored glass bottles can be divided into two types: primary color glass bottles and spray paint glass bottle

1.The primary colors are brown, green, and blue, and are translucent.
2.The painted glass bottle can be any color and can be transparent, translucent or matte.
The minimum order quantity for primary color glass bottles is generally very large, and the MOQ is about 300,000 pieces. The minimum order quantity of The painted glass bottle is about 12,000 pieces.
Cobalt Glass

A deep blue glass coloured by adding cobalt compounds.The glass bottle itself is blue
Brown glass bottle

Used for wine packaging, medicine and spirits.
Green glass bottle

They are often found in beer bottles.
Spray glass bottle

The surface of the glass bottle is sprayed with a layer of colored glaze, so that the bottle body becomes a variety of colorful colors.