Customized bottles

Custom glass bottles can make your product unique and stand out from the crowd. It also allows you to add embossed text or patterns - another way of really distinguishing your bottle.

At Huisheng packaging Company, we have our own mold factory. We can customize glass bottles of any shape. And the mold cost is cheap, about $1400 - $1600, other suppliers will be much more expensive than that.

Don't be fooled by our low prices, however. We strictly control the quality and pay attention to details to ensure that every glass bottle is qualified. We have more than ten years experience in glass bottle production.

1.If you have designed it, please give us the drawing. We help you make it real.
2.If you have any glass bottles you like or are using, you can send them to us by express. We can produce exactly the same or make some slight changes.
3.If you have any ideas, you can still contact us.
A client from near the mountain whose distillery is under the mountain.This mountain is well known in the local area, so we put the outline of the mountain under the bottle, so as to promote his brand in the local area.
A design with irregular edges.When the customer came to us, he asked for a special bottle shape to make their liquor unique, so we recommended this bottle shape to him.He got good grades.
The design of this tumbler bottle is based on the memory of childhood.
We met with many difficulties in making this tumbler bottle, and finally we overcame them and achieved success.Customers are very satisfied with our products and services.
This is a classic brandy bottle, classic is timeless.
We can make glass bottles out of your initials, what a great thing!I'm sure my client Abel is happy.Any other letter that makes sense will do.The distinctive glass bottle packaging also makes your spirits stand out in the display case.
Needless to say, this client loves football.We can launch specific versions of our products to satisfy our customers and markets.
When this customer found us, he had already found many suppliers. Other suppliers even dared not produce such difficult glass bottles.We put a lot of effort into it and worked through a lot of difficulties and we finally got it done.It's beautiful, like a diamond.
It's a classic, beautiful design, with colors so bright and warm.