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Why does the glass wine bottle crack?

The type and cause of the cracks in the glass wine bottle, water ripples: The water ripples on the section of the laminated glass are arc-shaped and intersect with a vertical surface. The crack is transmitted from the inside of the water ripple to the outside, and the water ripple is tightly coiled around the source of the crack and spreads radially outward. So people can track the crack source. The common cross-section of laminated glass is a shiny appearance.

   glass bottle manufacturers need to use the reflective surface light source to observe, so that they can see the wave pattern like the water wave pattern. The pattern: the surface of the crack on the section of the laminated glass is the appearance of a straight pattern or a curved pattern. On the cross section of this kind of cracks, the appearance of straight or curved grains continues to be parallel with the widening of the cracks. Sometimes it also displays a series of straight lines or feathers.

This kind of pattern can generally be felt based on contact. Staying pattern: During the whole process of glass bottle and can inspection, sometimes you can see clearly visible water ripples on the cross-section formed by cracks in laminated glass. It is a deep imprint mark that shows the start and end cracks, or a deeper imprint mark at the beginning of an impact crack. This kind of crack impression can also be relatively shallow, and the crack source can generally be traced.

   Sawtooth pattern: It is formed by the excessive kinetic energy that needs to be formed when the crack accelerates the development trend, which produces the edge of the mirror glass of the crack source. The fine zigzag pattern is a dark gray, misty area tightly coiled around the crack source mirror glass. The non-lubricated jagged pattern is a radial area of ​​particles spreading over the surface of the fine jagged pattern.

   The zigzag pattern is formed on the surface that bears the supporting force, but it is not easy to broaden the appearance of the laminated glass that tends to be relative. The general display information shows that the bending stress produced on the reverse side due to the appearance design plan, the coverage of the laminated glass, the thickness of the glass, etc. can be used to distinguish and accurately measure the size of the ground stress at the time of cracking. Professional manufacturer of glass bottles